Hi, my name is Anonymous Student. I go to College at an Anonymous School in an Anonymous City in an Anonymous Country (obviously English speaking).

Full disclosure: I hate my school.   This is not to say that it has no redeeming qualities. I like what I’m learning and the few friends I have are lovely. However besides that I’m somewhere in the second half of my 20’s living in a dorm, the people that aren’t my friends act like the cool kids from high school, and I’m far from home so the loneliness wears on me more often than I’d like. 

Solution: Apart from my ‘Daily Positivities’, which I will explain at a later date, I thought griping about crap anonymously online would feed my soul. Hopefully it will be entertaining. Whether or not that is because I’m clever or stupid remains to be seen.

Until we meet again,

Anonymous Student


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