Overdressed? Nah.

Today we had fake job interviews at school to prepare us for the ‘real world’.  Being a 20-something I have had my fair share of job interviews before so I wasn’t really concerned.  Well concerned about the questions that is, I was however concerned about my look.

We were instructed to dress professionally as though this were a real job interview.  This makes perfect sense, however I wasn’t anticipating applying for a job more serious than McDonald’s when I came back here, so I didn’t pack any of my serious attire.  Okay so I didn’t buy any serious attire, let’s face it, I have nothing serious.

I’m a comfortable dresser.  Not necessarily always casual, I have a few ‘nicer’ things, but it always has to be comfortable.  With that being said I had nothing that could be considered ‘professional’ and ‘comfortable’.  So I went out, spent way to much money on a pant suit, with a couple of tops to go with it, and fairly comfortable low high heals, and quickly discovered that I was more overdressed than any of my classmates.

They were all nicely dressed, but I mainly got the new clothes in order to avoid jeans, and only a few other people actually avoided jeans.  I was a little concerned that the teachers would find me a little bit silly, but not only did the interview go well, but I was complimented on my outfit specifically which made me pretty happy.

In the land of friends here, I spent most of my day with a friend from last year in my program, and it was all very nice.  I should name her…we’ll call her Kindheart, because that pretty much describes her.  She however isn’t the friend who deemed me ‘best friend’ within a month of knowing her (this isn’t a bad thing, I only mention it because my other good friend here did).  The one who deemed me best friend will likely be out of school for a little bit because she is going through some pretty heavy stuff right now.  We’ll name her Preggers for now (not because she doesn’t deserve a nice name, because she definitely does, but because it’s a big part of her life right now and I think the word preggers is funny).

I break from regularly scheduled programming to air a selfish worry.  Preggers is obviously preggers, she is young and dealing with a lot in regards to this (which I will not detail here just in case, as it’s not my business to share).  My personal concern, is that we are supposed to be working together a lot on projects this year.  She is my partner in one project, and the third leg of a tripod in another.  She has already missed some classes due to morning sickness, which turned out to be an aversion to the prenatal vitamins, and now she is missing more as a lot is going on at home that I won’t detail.

I cannot stress enough that in my personal life, I feel nothing but sympathy and empathy for her.  What she is going through is incredibly difficult, and largely unfair.  However in my school life, which to be fair is a big part of my life, I just want to know what is going to happen.  She is already unsure of funding for school, so she isn’t even enrolled in classes officially yet, and with everything going on because of the baby, it’s even more up in the air.

Like I said, this is the selfish portion of today’s blog, but I just wish she knew what was happening so I could plan what I have to do.  I’d like to get working on some of these projects, but right now she is a) unavailable for a little bit, and b) unsure if she can continue.  If she can’t, I don’t want to have started things with her, just to have to scramble for someone else to work with, or have to work on my own.

The sympathetic friend part of me hates the studious student part of me right now.

Finally I should update about what this blog is actually about.  My interactions with everyone have been fairly pleasant of late.  I’m not sure if it’s some new found confidence, or maybe I’m chilling out due to the blog, but I haven’t felt an overwhelming feeling of unimportance which is nice.  Not to say I’ve felt important by any means, in fact I occasionally feel unwarranted jealousy, but not feeling invisible is nice.  This is outside of my general paranoia of course.  It also looks like I will be spending a lot of time working with one of the ‘cool kids’ as my new official job at the school.  Hopefully this will be a positive endeavor.

Until we meet again.

– Anonymous Student


8 thoughts on “Overdressed? Nah.

  1. Hi there – came via the Community Pool but too much mission to go find your comment there again and give feedback so will leave it here and feel free to delete it as you moderate it – just for you to read really… Love the title of this particular post and dig your writing style – i would try keep it to one thought or one main thought per post cos that helps with length as well – as a rule i try [and fail horribly a lot, don’t judge me] to keep a post to what will fit on one screen without scrolling but there are times to go longer [cos people have such a short attention spa…hey look, a squirrel!] [see what i mean?] – so for me this post should have focused on Preggers [love your naming of your people – that is fun – like Fade Away etc – keep that up] rather than your clothing for the interview or else maybe you have two posts – just cos the Preggers stuff was more interesting than the interview stuff but that was not uninteresting but having both together in one post made it kinda long so if you wanted both i would have maybe condensed the interview clothing to a line or two or one short paragraph and then launched into your ‘meat’ which is the Preggers bit cos that’s relationship and that is fun…

    You’re doing some good stuff – helpful question to ask – would i read this – if you stumbled upon your own blog, would you read it and if not why not? Too long? Too all over the place? If you would what are the things that really work for you? The humour and the names and the style etc etc

    Hope this helps
    Keep on
    love brett fish

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    • That is great advice actually, especially for this post. I never think to break them up into two, especially in one day if I really want to talk about both topics. I think I will try that in the future, just to make sure that they all have a main ‘thesis’. Thank you so much for the feedback!


      • Absolutely, and one thing i do if i have a lot to say on one topic is break them into separate posts and have part I, I, III etc with links to the next post from the previous one – people more likely to click a link to a small bite than read a whole chunk…


  2. Hey here from the community pool as well. I agree with @brettfish with the concept of length. I know it so hard because something about writing on blogs make you feel uplifted and free to communicate to the world what you feel. But trying to keep it two one page scroll is a great tip.
    I read the blog. Loved the concept. I know the struggle and unfortuneately you have to be a little selfish yourself. It sounds bad to say but, I look at preggers as being a little selfish herself. She is an adult and aware there is a school project going on along, and she is 50% responsible for its outcome. To randomly be ghost from the assignment is a little irresponsible. I believe she should be in communications with you to say hey I’m going through some pregnacy issues. I might need to arrange a outside schedule with you because I really want to finish. Or speak with the program instructor for assistance in time frame due to the pregnancy.
    Theres my 2 cents. Have a great day and keep up the great writing. You are an important person!!!

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