Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job

It’s official, I have a job!  Not just any job either, a job at the school and a job in my field of study at the school.

Of course like every other new job or new thing I’m both excited and nervous.  I shall itemize:

1. It’s work in my field that provides both experience and an opportunity to bulk up my resume.

2. Money!  Really I can’t stress that enough.  Money!!!

3. This will give me an opportunity to work with one of the ‘cool kids’.  It’s not really about trying to get ‘in’ with them, as that’s not really my goal.  At least I don’t think.  I do however see it as a worthy challenge.  I’ve always been awkward with people I think don’t like me, so I can try to overcome that.

1. This will force me to work with one of the ‘cool kids’.  I don’t excel at social challenges.  At least not anymore.  I’ve always been awkward with people I think don’t like me, and I don’t know if I can overcome that.

2. It may be a lot of the same type of work a lot, and I have some fear of getting overwhelmed by everything.  A McDonald’s job would require less thought is what I’m getting at.

3. Money.  I can’t stress this enough.  While it is some money, there aren’t a lot of hours and there is a cap on how much money I can make…and I kinda wish it was more.

Obviously because I both applied for and am taking the job I have decided that the positives outweigh the negatives.  I think the hardest thing for me is challenging myself.  I may be able to rise to challenges I’m ‘forced’ to do in any given situation, but I’m not a big self motivator.  I’m working on this, and I think this job is a great first step to that.

Sorry nothing super interesting or dramatic happened today.

Until we meet again

– Anonymous Student


5 thoughts on “Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job

  1. Being a fellow awkward person as well I know exactly how you feel. Coincidentally though, someone today told me that to overcome your shyness you need to love yourself first. List all the positive attributes you possess and let them shine. Don’t care what others think. Just know how much you value yourself and those that are important to you.

    And I’m glad you found a job of your field!! Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!!!!


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