It’s All About Experience

I think today the blog is actually going to be about 90% positive.  I will say that things this year seem to be running smoother.  Perhaps it’s because I’m exposed way less to the people that make me uncomfortable, or perhaps it’s because I’m becoming self actualized.

Yeah it’s probably the first one.

Anyway, I started my new job yesterday.  It was basically just a meeting followed by some research, but today we really jumped into it.  I can’t give too many details, both because I don’t want to give away what I do, thus giving more clues as to who this Anonymous Student is; But also because I signed stuff saying I’m not supposed to talk about it in detail.  So I’ll just give you a rough overview as it pertains to me.

The experience is amazing.  Today I jumped from 0-60 when it comes to my involvement, and not only did it work out great, but I learned a lot.  I’ve felt a little overwhelmed when it comes to my classes, and I really think this job will be more than just good for the resume, but good for my breadth of knowledge.  I think I’m just as excited about that as I am about job experience.

I did have a little bit of awkwardness with one of my professors today.  I have a professor that tends to butt heads with me on how I do projects.  He is very supportive of course, but creatively we think very differently.  I thought that was as far as it went, but I spent some time after working today discussing that and other projects with him and another professor, and the whole time I felt like he wanted me to go away.

Once again I can’t stress enough that I get paranoid.  I did sort of happen upon them together and perhaps he had business with the other professor to discuss and felt I interrupted.  I just know that I felt uncomfortable about it and I don’t want to seem pushy.

To be completely honest, what I really want to say is that I don’t want to get on the bad side of a professor who already tends to disagree with me creatively.  However the reason why I was avoiding saying that is because I know he is a professional and even if he couldn’t stand me, that wouldn’t interrupt how he taught me or graded me.  So in the end I’m sharing a story of paranoia for pretty much no reason.

Except of course to get it off my chest.

Okay so ‘negativity’ took over the blog a bit, but 90% of my day felt positive, it just took longer to explain the second part.

Thanks for bearing with me.  Thanks to everyone who is following my blog.  I expected no one to be interested so it’s the best surprise there is and I appreciate it.

Until we meet again

– Anonymous Student


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