I’m keeping myself anonymous, not just for my protection but for the protection of those I’m talking about.  I will never be using real names, in fact most ‘names’ I use won’t resemble names like ‘Kimberly’ or ‘Ashley’ or something.  More like ‘Douche of the Day’ or ‘Lipsmacker’.

Also if you happen to find this and think its at your school and you’re Lipsmacker, you’re probably wrong and sadly more paranoid than me, but if you guess my name and tell me yours then I will buy you a lollipop.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, while I hope this is entertaining to those who read it, it is for my sanity first and foremost.  If any of my classmates, friends, family, co-workers, etc. find this and do discover it’s me, and feel a lollipop isn’t enough to make up for anything hurtful I have said, I am sorry.  This is not intended to hurt anyone, hence why my name is Anonymous Student and yours is ‘Douch of the Day’.  I’m clearly off my rails and need an outlet, and while some things I say may not be kind, they’re how I felt in a moment, and since this isn’t intended for you to read, I will be sharing that moment.



Also, to any who worry about my mental health, I’m not suicidal, self-harming or anything else you may worry about.  I’m stuck in a temporary shitty situation, and this is my outlet, don’t offer me other outlets please, unless they’re really awesome like time-travel, or jumping to parallel dimensions or something.


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